Thursday, February 4

what do you like to do for fun?

Up until this year, when people would as the question, “what do you like to do for fun?” I would alway reply with, “fun? I don’t really have time for fun. I’m too busy reading textbooks and working.” Although I am still busy, I have had a little bit more free time since graduating. I have made it a goal to figure out what I like to do for fun and it has seriously been FUN. I’m not trying to be dumb, it really has been fun. I’ve listed a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately. 

+ Meditating. I’ve been testing out certain meditating apps like “headspace” or “breathe” and I’m obsessed! Kevin thought was cooky when I said it has been a game changer, and then he tried it and loved it. I feel like it has helped a lot with anxiety, sleeplessness, and it has just made my days run a little smoother in general. 

+ Reading. My cousins have always been book worms. I’ve actually kind of envied their love for reading, but I decided to start a book club with my neighbor and it has been a blast! As much as I loved studying nursing, its a joy to read books that I’m actually interested in. Suddenly, I’m on goodreads more often than instagram, which is probably a good thing ;) 

+ Interviews. I started a little project with my friend (who happens to be a journalist) called The Listening Ear Project, where we go around to visit with and interview senior citizens. It has literally changed my perspective on life and the value of every individual. It has also given me a newfound love for history! Kev and I have been watching WWII documentaries like a couple of nerd bombers. It is just so fascinating. 

+ Exercising. I’ve always hated exercising. My mom and sister do too, so we usually just say it runs in the family and happily eat our milkshakes.. BUT, I’ve really been trying guys and I kinda, sorta, don’t absolutely despise it. That’s a start right? 

+ Mabel. We read books and eat “nana’s” together. We watch her favorite show with creepy giant mice that dance around on the baby channel. We chase around her rubber duck in mountains of bubble bath. I wrestle her down and kiss attack her until we are both laughing hysterically. She’s the most fun part of my life. 

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