Sunday, January 31

My sky

A few months ago I had an epiphany for a piece of art that I wanted, and my friend Mckenzie  Jones was able to bring it to life! The inspiration behind it is pretty dear to my heart, so when I was looking for an artist, I immediately thought of Mckenzie. She’s quite possibly the most happy, passionate and genuine person I’ve ever met.. in addition to the fact that she’s extremely talented and I love her work. 

The inspiration? Clouds. I have always loved clouds. I’ve had an obsession for years. Not only clouds, but the sky in general. I get a euphoric feeling every time I watch the sun dip behind the mountains or see an extra puffy cumulus cloud. There is just something about it that is so magnificent. There have been moments, specific sunsets or a beautiful sky, when I’ve felt incredibly close to heaven. When I say heaven, I don’t mean that I have this vision of clouds with pearly gates.. I just feel close. I feel close to my Father in Heaven. I feel the closeness of my grandparents who have passed on. I feel close to the angels on the other side who have helped me throughout my life. When I went to McKenzie to describe my vision, I told her about these experiences. I wanted her to create “my sky,” I guess. I wanted her to be inspired by the hues of the sunset, the bright white clouds, and the touch of divine creation that goes along with it. My whole goal was to have something hanging in my home that reminded me of my ancestors, of heaven, every time I looked at it.. and she accomplished this! I have only had my piece a few days and I have found myself getting lost in it. Several personal insights have been discovered, just from a painting hanging on my wall. I think art is so beautiful in that way. It’s hilarious because Kevin will look at it and say, “I don’t get it… is it abstract?” I guess I’ve always had a love for examining and appreciating art. I got this from my mom :) 

Needless to say I will cherish this painting forever. I’ll tell my kids about the meaning behind it, and hopefully it will allow us to keep a little piece of heaven in this place we call home. 


  1. This is beautiful... It has so much depth

  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful blog! Katie, you and I both have this love for clouds! Oh my goodness, I can just drink up those pink, purpley and orange sunsets each night and truly stand in awe when I examine his creations in the sky. The art is incredible that was created for you! I love it! Do you know of Emily Jefford's art? I kinda get lost in her landscape and cloud paintings... I believe that even through beautiful art and the talents of others we can be close to our Heavenly Father! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Megan! I love that we have the same passion :) I'm definitely going to look into Emily's art, it sounds incredible! Love your insight as well.

  3. Kevin sounds like Austin.. bless their hearts.. haha. :)
    You are one beautiful soul my dear and I am so grateful I got to do this for you.. and that it captures what you want! It really was team work baby girl.. you were the inspiration. I hope this brings so much peace and love into your BEAUTIFUL home. I freaking love you.. and your family.. and your mind! Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. They will never understand ;) Thank you so much Kenz. Couldn't have accomplished this without you. Lovvve youuuu