Thursday, June 4

Pepperfox Photo

When Bre with Pepperfox Photo offered to take some pictures of Mabel and me, we were ecstatic! I hadn't ever met Bre in person, but from the minute she knocked on our front door she was as friendly as could be. She made us feel super comfortable and allowed us to stay in our own home as she snapped away. I was nervous because Mabel was being kind of fussy, but Bre was so patient and sweet with her! If you're looking for a photographer I would highly recommend Pepperfox Photo (run by cute Bre and her husband Addison) and no, this is not a sponsored post.. I was just really really impressed with them :) 


  1. Oh my.... these pictures are DARLING!! Your baby girl is so precious!

  2. first of all, she's so so beautiful! that hair is unreal. may i ask where you got your diaper changer and cover? i'm trying to find one that goes with my white furniture. i'm new to this baby stuff, obviously. haha. does it have weight that holds it down and doesn't let it slide? or how does it work? i love the simplicity of this nursery!

    1. Thank you so much! I got her cover from the Land of Nod! The changing pad does slide a little, but once the baby is on there it stays put :)

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so in love with your little family!