Wednesday, February 11

we have a name!

We have a name! Some people might think we are jumping on the name train early, but we call our girl by her name so why not share it? Both names are family names and have such sentimental meaning, especially Rose.. in honor of my sister Madeline Rose whom we adore! Needless to say, we can't wait to meet our Mabel Rose. 

In other news, things have been non-stop over here.. hence the scarce updates. Kevin and I will go days without seeing each other, but the time we do have together is cherished. One positive aspect of this madness is the fact that my pregnancy is flyyyying by. I can't believe I'm already in my third trimester. THIRD. I've mainly been consumed with my nursing capstone. My internship is in the American Fork ER and I'm loving it! With my anxiety-like personality, I was nervous at first.. but I thrive off of the high energy and various patients that come through the doors. Crossing my fingers that I can get a job there one day. Kevin is working and studying away! This is the only life we've ever known.. school, work, and just the two of us. In twelve short weeks our life is going to change forever... and we can hardly wait.


  1. so so cute!
    hang in there girl .. life is always cray cray. but i feel that it truly does make you appreciate your time together.
    so so excited to see your little beauty!!

  2. I can't even imagine finishing my last semseter of nursing school with a capstone and being preggo!! You deserve an award! I'm a wimp and take advantage of any opportunity to be put on call for work already haha. You got this girl! What a great way to celebrate the end of nursing school...with a baby!!! yay!