Monday, January 5

We're having a........

GIRL!! I know I'm late on posting about the gender, but I want to document as much as I can before she gets here. We went to find out a few weeks ago and the ultrasound took about an hour. The little miss decided she wanted to be very lady-like and wouldn't open her legs! It seemed like we were waiting for an eternityyyy, when finally the tech said we would be having a girl. We were ecstatic! Obviously Kevin would have loved to have his little man and part of me was sad I wouldn't have a mini Kevie, but we've already fallen in love with our baby girl. I can't believe this pregnancy is already halfway over! It's just flying by.. and with one semester of school left, I'm sure she will be here before we know it. Now for an update! 

How far along are you: 23 weeks

Size: a grapefruit

Cravings: TAMALES. I seriously have one every day (thank youuuu Costco) and I've been eating loads of grapefruit lately.

Nauseated: NO!! praise the heavens above. My nausea lasted until 21 weeks, but it's finally gone and I feel like a new woman.

Maternity clothes: I'm in dire need of some maternity pants, but most of my shirts still fit! I have a feeling I will be living in leggings for the next 4 months.

Shopping: I'm slowly starting to cave. At first my mindset was, "I just won't buy anything until after my showers" and then I walked into baby GAP and it was game over.

Nursery: I know I will be slammed with school and finals leading up to her arrival, so I've been working on the nursery! It's been my favorite thing.

Best pregnancy moment: Just feeling her kick around all day in there. It's the most bizzare/amazing feeling.

Most nervous about: Becoming a mom in general. There isn't a handbook to prepare you for becoming a mother and I feel like there are so many things that I don't know. I've been told that a lot of it comes naturally and that I shouldn't stress, but I'm still terrified.

Most excited about: Seeing what she looks like! We have extremely tall genes, short genes, blond hair blue-eyed genes, and dark genes.. so I'm eager to see what traits she has!


  1. congrats lady!! so so so fun!!! and p.s. you're gonna be a WONDERFUL mother!! seriously .. don't stress. it really does come naturally. just remember you are ALL learning about each other & sometimes that takes time .. & lots of patience :)
    i bought a book called the secrets of the baby whisperer .. sounds super cooky .. i know. BUT it was really helpful in knowing how to get gavin onto a schedule & to know what he wants. i swear by it. congratulations once again .. she's gonna be a beauty!!

  2. I'm not going to tell you to not worry because that's just ridiculous! I will tell you, however, that you'll pick the mother thing right up. The love you already feel for her will quadruple a million times and help you along. Plus, I've seen you with kids and you're a natural. She's going to be a little beauty!

  3. yay!! that is so exciting! Your little girl with be a babe!