Monday, February 23

Park City

Can someone lend me one million dollars so I can live in one of these?
There's no taking a picture without getting my belly in it these days
Over the weekend Big Ross (my father in-law) rented a timeshare in Park City for a few days. Due to work schedules, we were only able to go up for one night. Initially I thought this would be more of a hassle than a relaxing night off, but I'm so happy we took advantage of it because it was just what we needed! We were able to see most of Kevin's siblings as we overlapped visits up there and were even lucky enough to catch dinner together before some of them left. We stuffed ourselves sick at The Blue Iguana... Oh hi third trimester heartburn. I think I'll be staying away from mexican food for the next little while. The next day Kev and I were able to sleep in, eat some yummy breakfast at Kneaders and enjoy a little walk up main street. Park City is just the coziest town.. Thanks be to Papa Cheesman! It was the perfect weekend getaway.

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