Friday, February 27

I was recently inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Naomi Davis to compile a happy list. I agree with her in the fact that February is kind of the worst month ever.. her post made me realize how much there is to be grateful for! I think it's easy to get caught up in pessimism, so here is a list to rid myself of the old negative Nancy. 

Things that make me terribly happy... 

1. When baby girl gets the hiccups.
2. Thoughts of summer and warm weather. 
3. Getting letters from my sister in the mail. 
4. When I'm down with a cold (like today) and my mom brings me soup. 
5. A clean house - definite rarity around here lately. 
6. Waiting for Kevin to get home from work and hearing the garage door open.
7. Putting money into our savings account.
8. Bread. 
9. Stumbling across a good artist on Pandora. 
10. Slipping into pajamas after church on Sundays. 

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  1. I love this! always fun to read positive blog posts!