Wednesday, August 21

Yuba Lake

A few months ago, Kevin was called to be the second counselor of a BYU single adult ward. Since then, we have been slammed with activity after activity.. but it's been amazing. This last weekend, we all went to Yuba Lake and had the time of our lives. I'm not kidding when I say we have the best ward ever.. every kid is just so kind and spiritual. Friday night we sat around the campfire, under the stars and shared our testimonies. The spirit was strong and it once again solidified my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As I sat there, I was filled with gratitude for this funny little thing we call life.. just to be able to experience, meet people, and have joys are such blessings in my life.

PS. I literally took three pictures because we were too busy having the best time.


  1. These are beautiful, hey life is not just about photos, it is about living it. So you took only three photos but you have all the memories!

  2. What an amazing opportunity to have that calling! It sounds like a wonderful trip. :)

  3. I never thought Yuba lake was pretty, until now seeing these pictures! I'm glad you had fun!