Monday, August 26

Quick update

Well, I had my first week of school! Let's just say I'm going to be putting
 this lovely book to use. Life is busy, like five-hours-of-studying-a-day busy. 
I'm absolutely loving it though! Kevin thinks I'm the biggest nerd bomber 
because I text him on the daily expressing my love for school. Now granted 
it has only been a week, but so far so good! I've always been a journal writer, 
so my cute cousin (who just so happens to work at Barnes & Noble) picked 
up this book for me and as I mentioned before, I think it'll come in handy over 
the next couple of years. I've had a rude awakening due to the contrast in my 
completely relaxed summer schedule to my current one, but like I said.. I love it. 
  The time I have with Kevin is much more precious, I'm actually having to prioritize, 
and I mighttttt not get that six pack I've been working on (who am I kidding?!).. 
but being busy is a beautiful thing. Are you tired of me rambling yet? 

One more order of business: I've been getting quite a few emails for button 
swaps and things like that. I would lovvve to work with you bloggers out 
there.. although for now, with school and only 30 minutes a day to spare with 
my sweetheart, I'm probably going to be eliminating that aspect of my blog.. 
but hey maybe in a couple of  years.. hit me up and we can collaborate. 
Until then, I'll be studying! 


  1. i love that little book! it is ony of my favorites.

    good luck with school... it is always a crazy time!

  2. It's a very good thing to like school! And honestly I couldn't imagine keeping up a blog during my college days....that's a LOT of writing!