Wednesday, November 19

Telling Kev

I had taken the pregnancy test at 5:30 pm. Kevin had class up in Salt Lake and wouldn’t be home until 11:00 pm..  It took every fiber of my being not to send him a quick text. I had to wait. Background: Every single night without fail, Kevin flosses his teeth. He’s never missed a night in his life, so I knew if I placed the pile of tests in the floss drawer (kind of gross now that I think about it..) he would be bound to see them! I was too excited and overwhelmed to come up with a creative way, so I just stuck with that. Finalllllly, after what seemed like hours, he walked in the door. I tried to play it cool, but I could hardly contain myself. I just figured when he got home that he’d be tired, and want to get ready for bed… hence the floss drawer. My plan was skewed when he said, “Let’s eat cereal and watch an episide of the Office.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I thought.. the one night he wants to stay up. “I’m pretty tired, let’s just go to bed,” I said.  He finally agreed and grabbed a bag of potato chips on his way upstairs. I went to the sink and started performing my normal routine.. Meanwhile he was sitting on the bed munching on potato chips and asking me about my day. I was dying inside.. and wanted to scream “It’s time for bed!” like an overly anxious mother. 

After taking his sweet time, he started washing his face.. It was coming, he was going to find out any minute. He opened the drawer and said, “what’ this?” He totally thought I was pranking him… I mean, after all, we had only been trying for a month. It wasn’t that we were even trying, we just weren’t preventing.. so basically it would’ve been a miracle to be pregnant. Suddenly the reality hit him and he just said over and over again, “is this real?! Is this real?!” He grabbed me around the waist and held me tight. We were both completely dumbfounded, and so incredibly happy. For the next five days all we could talk about was how shocked/excited we were. The chances of us getting pregnant were next to impossible, and there I was.. carrying a poppy-seed sized baby inside of me. We were ecstatic, but quite honestly.. a bit scared. I had just started my last year of nursing school and was working night shifts as an LPN. Kevin had literally received a new job offer that day AND just began his MBA program. We calculated it out, and I was scheduled to have my baby right after graduation. Feelings of anxiety and fear filled my mind.. and then I was flooded with a calm feeling and I knew that everything was going to be okay. 


  1. Love this!! You will be the most adorable family.

  2. This is so sweet! :) When my husband and I found out we were completely on cloud nine, and still are!! It's getting more and more real!!! :) So excited for you both!

  3. I am so excited for you guys!! I love hearing these stories. When we found out I was pregnant we had a wedding in Hawaii planned for right at the same time as my due date, I had just started a new job, and Braedon is gonna be in school for pretty much the rest of our lives!! haha- funny how it all just seems to work out though. Hope you have an easy pregnancy!!

    1. Thanks girl!! I'm glad you feel my pain ;) You're right though.. it all works out. Can't wait to see your little one!

  4. aww that's the sweetest! you were probably dying!!!! hahaha congratulations to both of you :) just found your blog on bloglovin' and can't wait to read more about the babiness!!!

    xo, k