Thursday, July 17

Happy Birthday?

Kevin turned the big 28 on Monday! We tried to keep it low key this year with just our families invited. Right before the party, we decided to meet for dinner at our favorite Thai place... when suddenly, I rear-ended someone and totaled our car (idiot move by me... on my phone.... I know...).  Happy Birthday Kev! - from the world's most terrible wife. As I waited for him to come rescue me, I was anticipating a disappointed look or a guilt-trip... of which I saw neither. HE WASN'T EVEN MAD GUYS. He just asked if I was okay and said it wasn't a big deal. Who does that? I'll tell ya... the best husband does that. I seriously don't know how I got so lucky.. Needless to say, we opted to Wendy's for dinner and joined everyone at my parent's for cake, ice cream, and gifts! Although this year wasn't the most ideal.. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, darling. Maybe next year we'll upgrade your dinner to Subway ;)

In other news.. I started my very first nursing job at Stonehenge of American Fork this week. Although it has been insanely overwhelming, I can already tell that I'm going to love it! Just need to get past that darn learning curve, ya know? Kevin is prepping to take the GMAT on Monday, so we're both crossing our fingers over here. Wish us luck! 


  1. ahh accidents are the complete worse. such a bummer, but i'm sure it was still a fun birthday! congratulations on your job, too. that's so exciting!