Tuesday, August 6

You know those cute little ball-ey things you sometimes see on Pinterest? Well I attempted to make some, and the outcome wasn't half bad. I would recommend this project for anyone who has absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday and would like to spend about out hour performing a very tedious task. Sadly, this was the case for me.. but alas! Look at those magnificent little balls of fuzz.
Step 1: You will need a bowl, some water, dish soap, wool roving & floral stem wire (the last two can be found at Hobby Lobby).
Step 2: Separate the felt into even peices and pull them apart until they look like baby clouds (make sure there are no chunks of felt).
Step 3: Add about a tablespoon of dish soap into some warm water and dip the felt into it. Roll the felt in the palm of your hands (for about 2 minutes) and it will gradually become dense. 
Step 4: Grab some wire and shove it through the bottom. I used a few so it could hold the weight of the flower, and then just twisted them together.
annnd.. voila! I hope you all had a splendid weekend, we spent ours in Boise for a much needed getaway. Pictures coming soon :) 


  1. ok - this might be my next diy when i feel like crafting - but not for hours!! super cute!!

  2. Super cute! I'll definitely need to give it a try.

  3. So cute & they look so easy to make!