Monday, July 22

Rambling sesh.

I've never really been good at rambling, but I've always been a list master.. so here we go. 

+ Within the past month we have cracked three double-yolked eggs... THREE! That's like unheard of.

+ I was doing reeeal good with eating healthy until yesterday when I had three doughnuts and two cookies.. oh, and a snow cone today. I'm the worst.

+ The other night we blew up the air mattress and watched Avatar. I forgot how magical that movie was.. and I secretly want to live on Pandora and have a pet dragon.

+ I love caring for this cutie everyday. (cutie featured above ^^)

+ Up until our year mark we celebrated every month of marriage, and now we're kind of over it until our two year anni.

+ I purchased my first pair of hipster glasses... I know I know, I'm wayyy behind.. but I was nervous okay?!

+ For some reason everyone is hating on this season of the Bachelorette, but I'm just eating it up over here.

+ If I could eat ten peaches a day, I would.


  1. duuuude!
    + we need to watch the Bachelorette! im almost caught up! Becca watches it too, girls night?
    + me&B watched Avatar last night! i kinda want a feathered headdress

  2. Such a sweet picture. But yeah...i'm one of those haters on the Bachelorette. But...I'm kinda looking forward to the finale next Monday.


  3. umm jake always makes fun of me because i always want to celebrate our monthaversary. glad to know i'm not the only one who likes that shizzz. :)

  4. i am loving this season too!! and as far as the peaches go ... costco's are amazing!! and i do eat like 3 a day ha-ha! your grandpa is adorable btw!! :)

  5. Haha my healthy eating goals usually last until the next person offers me a treat... and I think peaches are the only reason I'm excited to get back to Utah!!

  6. Girls night tonight! So excited. And I love Avatar... so glad I'm not the only one who wants to paint themselves blue. <3