Wednesday, June 26

I always feel a bit awkward sharing "fun facts" about myself on here, but when Rylee asked me to join in on this get to know you thing that's been floating around I thought hey, why not.. so here it goes!

1. Spill. What's your guilty pleasure? Basically.. anything and everything that is unhealthy when it comes to food. If it's in front of me, I have zero self control. I've picked up theee worst eating habits, hence my "Fat Friday" series. (I'm working on it okay?) Oh, and The Bachelor.

2. Any beauty secrets you're currently loving? Alright. Don't judge me, or label me as high maintenance, because I'm honestly the last person you should ask when it comes to beauty tips.. BUT I do have eyelash extensions. There I said it. They really are the greatest invention though, I just roll out of bed and I'm good to go.. It's fabulous.

3. Who has been the most inspiring person for you? Why? Okay, we're still on that "not judging me" grind right? because this may sound weird, but I am inspired by my future children. I've found that a lot of my determination comes from wanting to be a good mama someday. I just feel like when the day comes I want to be as prepared as I can, and when I think about those little nuggets.. it just pushes me that much more.

4. What is a personal trial you've had to overcome? Most recently, it would definitely be not getting into nursing school. You can read about my sob story here. 

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened this week? Oh boy. How about that one time when my brother in-law asked me to be in charge of the playlist for their reception and I happily agreed to do it (among other things on my to do list)... until the groom himself approached me at the reception asking for the playlist. OH uhhhh.. yeah about that playlist. Needless to say Pandora saved my life... Multi-tasking and I have never gotten along anyway.

6. Why do you blog? and what do you find to be the most rewarding thing that has come from it? I started blogging for a couple of reasons, one of them being our life documentation.. I want to be able to look back through the years and remember those tiny details that often get lost in the shuffle of life. I also feel like I'm a passionate person and love sharing my passions with others... annnd the most rewarding aspect would be the love and support I receive from my readers.

I choose you Pikachu.

2. Riki
3. Grace

For your questions choose 6 from the following:

1. Let us in on a secret you haven't shared with your readers yet. 
2. What's your favorite part about marriage?
3. If you could have your dream job, what would it be? 
4. Who do you admire most as a blogger and why? 
5. Share one goal off of your bucket-list with us. 
6. How did your blog come about?
7. Guilty pleasure? 
8. Favorite place to shop. 

Take it away ladies. 


  1. whooo yeah girl. thanks for thinking of your dear old sis. can't wait to post this. :)
    andddd jake told me about the playlist incident. hahahaha oh struggles.

  2. Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate playlist incident! I'm glad things are all good with you guys though.

    Exploring My Style

  3. This is seriously too cute! I loved reading all your fun facts! This is such a fun thing that Rylee started! I would LOVE to get eyelash extensions, but they are soooo expensive!! Have you posted a pic of you with them on?? I bet they look awesome!! :)


    1. ha ha Thanks Shio! I haven't gotten around to posting a picture of them, but I've had them for the last few months. Yessss they are expensive, but luckily my best friend does them and graciously gives me her friends and fam discount. :)

  4. beauty-full blog! i love your space here

    1. Thanks girl! I love yours as well :)

  5. Girl, I love this. and I just posted mine!! Thanks for choosing me!!