Friday, May 31

party. time.
Sibs (minus one brother)

Yesterday my baby sister graduated high school. High school! Note, I still call her my baby sister and this whole graduation thing is completely weirding me out. I still remember that awkward phase from the high school life into adulthood.. feeling completely vulnerable; almost like you don't know what the next step is. Well as vulnerable as I may have felt, I think that's when I truly found myself. I discovered who Katie was... as opposed to the "I wonder what my friends will think of me" Katie. Ohhh it all sounds so petty now, but really.. I was that immature.

  For some reason I was kind of a chameleon throughout my teenage years.. morphing into whichever friends I hung out with at the time, but it was during that post high school break when I finally gained confidence in who I was. I often think back to that period.. when I was confused about what I truly believed in, the kind of person I wanted to be, etc.. and quite honestly I wouldn't be where I was today without it. It makes me grateful that I was forced to dig beneath those superficial layers and decide what kind of life I wanted to live and more importantly, prepare me for the decision to marry my best friend. I guess the whole point of this tangent is to wish my sissy luck as she embarks on her college experience. I'm so proud of you Madeline Rose. Love you times a million.


  1. why did i cry while reading this post? i'm weird. love you byeee

  2. p.s. loving the sizing of your pixxxxx ;)

  3. What a lovely family you have, and your lil sis is too cute! :) Thanks for sharing this! I totally remember HS, and am so glad that is over with and I too have been able to find the "real" me :)


  4. my little sister graduated with her! small world! you both are gorgeous!!

    1. No way court! That is so ironic ha ha. Thanks girl!