Tuesday, April 9

I'm back, with some ridiculously good cake.

Hey Guys. I'm here to report that my "social media free week" was successful! To be honest with you.. I kind of wish I had made it a month long goal, because I learned quite a bit while my phone was hibernating. I learned that I don't actually need to see every picture, post, or status. As long as I keep in touch with the people I love most, that's all that really matters. I also learned that I am much more productive without distractions. Genius right? But seriously, I felt so much more accomplished at the end of the day. Last but not least, I had more confidence in myself. I realized that social media can be used for good, but how many times do we scroll through pictures and think "man I wish I had her life," or "how is she so skinny? I gotta shed that winter weight." I found that when I'm focused on my own goals, I don't have time to compare myself to others. Alright I'll get off my soap box. All in all, it was a healthy break. Now back to shedding that winter weight....

My sister in-law (who just so happens to be one of the greatest chefs I know) made this cake on Easter Sunday. I shoveled it into my mouth like there was no tomorrow, and after a week rolled by I was ready for more. That made me sound like such a fat kid, but when you try it.. you'll be saying the saaaaame thing. Last week our friends invited Kev and I over for a date night and we were assigned to bring a dessert. I immediately thought of this heavenly goodness and called up my sis. Quite frankly, it took a solid three hours to bake.. but it was beyond worth it. So, with that being said.. if you're up for the challenge you can find the recipe here. Enjoy!

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  1. Katie. . .just send your Aunt Nette the cake recipe. You know I am not that great with modern day technology! Thanks!