Sunday, March 31

Spring cleaning.

Happy Easter friends! I hope you're all enjoying this time of year as much as I am, I've been just giddy with this sun around lately.

I came across this blog post the other day and it has inspired me to do some spring cleaning, not literally.. but cleaning up my life in general. I'm going to start by confessing to you guys that..... I am completely addicted to my phone. Like, it's disgusting how much time I spend reading blogs, checking instagram, and countless other time suckers. So I'm making the goal to change, and I know if I do it on here I will hold myself accountable, so who's with me? Starting tomorrow I'm going on a social media fast. I know what you're all thinking.. "this girl can't go a week without it?!" Baby steps people, baby steps. Following my social media free week, I'll ween myself off... and now you're thinking, "is this chick for real?" I know, it sounds like some sort of sick addiction. The thing is... it is. Along with this hefty goal of mine, I'm going to try spending more time with the hub, straying away from my other addiction (sugar), and reading actual books. If you want to jump on the wagon and do a little spring cleaning yourselves, feel free to join me!

PS. If you're looking for any last minute Easter trinkets, Target has your back.


  1. That blog post you linked was great! I'm with you on this.:)

  2. Ahh I love this, and I totally need to do it. I'm way too addicted to my phone too!!