Friday, March 1

sea creatures + my apologies

Hey guys. 
Katie here. 
No I'm not dead; Yes I'm alive. 
I apologize for my absence.. we've had a few technical difficulties over here,
and I was forced to live an internet free life for a week. 
Which was kind of nice. 
Anyway, I know you'll forgive me because I have a cool shark picture to show you. 
And sharks are cool so.....   

Last weekend we doubled with our friends Newel (Kevin's work buddy) and Alyson. We actually met these kids when we lived back East last summer and had many adventures with them. This time around, we decided to spend our evening at The Living Planet Aquarium in Draper. We saw everything from sea otters to boa constrictors and had a grand ole time.
Happy weekend, friends. 

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