Tuesday, July 17

It's his party and he'll cry if he wants to.

Grand Central Station
Free entertainment

The birthday boy himself

Central Park

FAO Schwarz

Kevin's birthday was on Saturday, so we decided to celebrate by going into the city! After walking  aimlessly like a couple of amateurs, we finally found our way around... sort of. Our adventure began at Grand Central Station and then made it's way over to Times Square which was packed with a mass of sweaty people. We then took the subway to Central Park and enjoyed a nice afternoon walk. The contrast between Times Square and Central Park was almost humorous, just a few blocks down from an absolute madhouse was pure serenity. Following our gander through the park we were on the hunt... for a place to eat for Kevin's "birthday dinner." He was so excited about his dinner being in New York and if there is one thing my boy's passionate about, it's food. Well we didn't exactly do our research and decided to go with our gut, so we ended up in a restaurant that maybe wasn't the besssst choice...  his birthday dinner image was shattered, so we rode the train back home and called it a day. Despite our quest for a good meal we weren't giving up! To compensate, we decided to walk down to the ice cream shop.... CLOSED.. at eight o clock?! I guess we're used to the mecca of frozen yogurt (Utah Valley) and unlike here, they don't need to compete with the bars. Needless to say, my birthday boy didn't have an ideal celebration this year, but we didn't care because we are here.. and so lucky.

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