Wednesday, January 16

Never thought I'd be thanking Miley.

The other day Kevin and I were discussing how blogs and other social media can be so deceiving mainly because they highlight the greatest moments in a person's life, without the junk in between. So today I'm dedicating this post to a side that tends to stay under wraps when it comes to the blogging world. Although many people may come off as perfect, we must realize that everyone has flaws. Might as well throw mine on the table while we're at it right? I mean, I did dedicate an entire post to this.

// I still sleep with my baby blanket. I also drool in my sleep.
// I am a perfectionist, to the point where I'll get my undies in a bundle over an A-.
// I hate working out.
// I tend to procrastinate. 
// I eat like a man.
// I get reaaaal obnoxious when I'm hyper.
// Although the kitchen may seem spotless, my room is a disaster 90% of the time.
// I've been the cause of 7 fender benders.
// annnnd I am completely tone deaf.
So there you have it. I guess we have Hannah Montana to thank,  because nobody's perfect, I gotta work it, again and again till I get it right. (Remember that real obnoxious mood I mentioned earlier? Yeah....)

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