Thursday, January 3

I tried avoiding the resolution band wagon altogether, but it was inevitable because there's nothing I love more than creating a big fat list and crossing those babies off one at a time. Last night Kev and I sat down together and organized our goals into five categories: Spiritual, physical, relationship, financial, and personal. Realistically, we may cross off one or two items.. but writing them down is half the fun? It's as if I feel more accomplished writing the goals down as opposed to actually going through with them.. but hey, it's a start. I'd rather not bore you with our entire list, so here are just a few. 

Read more books.
Serve others as a couple.
Travel as much as possible.
Spend more time in the mountains.
Cook at least three meals a week.
Have more living room dance parties.
Speak Spanish fluently. (this one is for me) 

2013. Let's do this.

Picture graciously stolen from here.

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