Wednesday, December 26


Christmas has always been a favorite of mine, and for some reason this year was by far my favorite. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that we had two families to spend time with, that it was our very first Christmas together, or because I was giddy just thinking about the traditions I want to start in this little family of ours, but I loved it. We've been spending our holiday break checking off some bucket list items... so if I'm absent for a few days we're probably building a ginormous snowman, or something cool like that. I've been rather lazy in the photography department, but my sister managed to snap a couple of pictures on Christmas day. Hope your break has been as relaxing and wonderful as ours! 

yeah.... the whole uh... "throwing snow in the air" picture didn't really work out.


  1. the snowball looks like a fluffy, white heart!!

  2. I loved our first few Christmases together. We found out what type of Christmas music we both liked, started some fun traditions and learned just how much of our families we could stand. Just wait till you have the kiddies, though. Makes it even better..speaking of kiddies, you can take our ANY time!