Sunday, December 9

Christmas in your mouth.

 These my friends, 
are. to. die. for.

and you'll need a crock-pot.
I stumbled upon this recipe the other day and I've already made three batches. literally. 

1 1/2 C Sugar
1 1/2 C Brown Sugar
3 Tbsp. Cinnamon
1/8 Tsp. Salt
1 Egg White
2 Tsp. Vanilla
3 C Almonds
1/4 C Water 

Step 1: mix together in a large bowl sugars, cinnamon, + salt.
Step 2: In another bowl with a whisk, mix together the egg white + vanilla until it's frothy. Add the almonds and coat thoroughly. This will help the mixture stick to the almonds during the cooking process.
Step 3: Combine the almonds + sugar mixture. 
Step 4: Prepare your slow cooker by spraying it with cooking spray. I used a 4 quart. Add the cinnamon covered almonds and turn it to low. Stir until cinnamon sugar mixture is coated well on the almonds.
Step 5: You'll want to cook them for about 3 hours. Stirring every 20 minutes. During the very last hour, add 1/4 cup of water and stir well. This will ensure a crunchy coating and help the mixture to harden.
Step 6: Line baking sheet with wax paper and spread the almonds onto the sheet to cool. They should be pretty sticky so be sure to separate them as best you can, then let them cool.

You can also find more recipes here.


  1. My friends brought me a small bag of these that they bought at the mall yesterday and I've been craving more! Now I can make my own! Thanks!!!!

  2. Yummy! I'm totally making this to take to friends/neighbors/visiting teachee's for Christmas! (I sound like such a housewife...) Thanks for the recipe!