Monday, November 26

cloud nine.

 He said we needed to go to an old friend's reception. About an hour before he picked me up, my mom walked down stairs and asked, "aren't you going to get ready Katie?" (first missed hint) "Nah I have too much homework, I'll just go like this" I responded. He came to the door and we were on our way to the reception, or so I thought. I asked him plenty of questions about this "old friend" of his, and he did quite well considering his friend was nonexistent. "We're going to swing by and pick up Ammon because he wants to go with us." (second missed hint) We pulled up to the amphitheater and I asked what Ammon was doing there. "He's having a bon fire/service project for the institution up here," replied Kev. (third missed hint) At this point I was still completely oblivious because so far everything had made sense.. the amphitheater was up near a mental institution and naturally, Ammon was just helping them out before the reception. We reached the top of the theater and I looked down upon thousands of twinkling lights, lit candles, and a warm fire. It took me nearly thirty seconds to register what was actually happening, and then our song started playing. It's a good thing I'm known for being gullible, because I bought every one of his lies that night. We reached the bottom of the steps and he asked me to dance. He held me close, said the sweetest words to me, and then got on one knee. Among the surreal feelings and emotions, I blurted out "yes".. I was on cloud nine! We headed back to his parents place to share the news and just when I thought the night couldn't get any better... he whipped out another surprise. With the help of Kevin's ridiculously creative sister, they built a cloud room for me. I walked in and started jumping up and down like a five year old.. we ended the night with my favorite sushi rolls under the clouds and then snuggled up to watch "The Grinch." Our past year together has been fabulous, and although there have been some great moments.. Novemeber 26, 2011 was by far my favorite.