Tuesday, October 2

gone fishin.


It was a typical morning.. just like any other morning, (it was actually this morning) when I thought to myself, "the sheets need to be washed." I immediately started ripping them off the bed and threw the giant wad into the washer. A few minutes later I thought, "I wonder where my phone is?" then the next thought sent my stomach through the floor, "No." Arrested Development's famous line was the first verbal sentence out of my mouth... "I've made a huge mistake." I raced to the washing machine and shoved my hand into the rising water; not realizing it would scald my flesh off. I held my bright red wrist and thought it would be a good idea to just pull the sheets out (naturally.) I yanked the boiling load out and made a run for the bathtub, leaving a flood of water in my tracks. The second sheet still remained, and the water hadn't cooled down at all. I had yet another brilliant idea, and quickly flipped the switch to cold/cold. The cycle began and I panicked. After figuring out how to turn the blasted thing off, I could finally tolerate the temperature and began to fish around for it. At this point, the floor was soaked, the carpet was drenched, my clothes were covered in wet laundry detergent, and all I could feel was the bottom of a big empty machine. I was baffled, and thought I'd do one more check to see if it had managed to slide under the bed when LO AND BEHOLD.... my phone was gently perched on top of our bed frame. And that's when then the thought came to me, "the sheets still need to be washed."


  1. Katie, you gotta google Erma Bombeck. This story made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

  2. haha this is hilarious and you are adorable! love you KJ!