Friday, September 28

Where my ladies at?

I was in dire need for some estrogen in my life, so last weekend called for a girls trip. 
(no hard feelings Kevin Mark)
My mom and cousin picked me up Friday afternoon and we made our way to Boise, Idaho.
We then joined up with... more ladies. along with the world's cutest toddler.
It was a quick, yet perfect trip. 
We spent the morning at the farmers market, the afternoons drooling over picture-perfect homes,
the evenings dining at local restarants, and  nights chatting about girl stuff.
 I often get caught up with daily stresses, or my next assignment on the list, but when I think back to laughing with my cousins at two in the morning,
I realize... that it was life should be. 
It should be filled with mini doughnuts, laughing until you cry, and the people you love.

Until next time Boise. 

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