Thursday, June 21


I started my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program about two weeks ago and it has been quite the experience. Although the ten hour days have been draining, I have learned so much. The last day of class we watched a film called "Wit." It portrays the life of a cancer patient filmed from their perspective and it is one of the most moving films I've seen. My Grandma and my mom's good friend were recently diagnosed with cancer... my heart just aches for them. After watching this movie I came to the realization that life is too short. I spend hours a day filling my mind with unnecessary worries while others are worrying about their lives. Once in awhile someone will ask me why I want to become a nurse and this week I finally realized it's because I have a passion for helping people like the character in this movie and people like my grandma or our family friend. It may take awhile, but I'm ready for my future endeavors.

 "Most human beings have almost an infinite capacity for taking things for granted" -Aldous Huxley


ps. I couldn't help but steal this beautiful picture. Thank you Pinterest. 


  1. Love you Katie! You're amazing :-)

  2. And this is exactly why you will be a wonderful nurse!

  3. Remember when you played "nurse" with Madde and Morgan and you painted red chicken pox on their faces? You were so cute...and still are!