Sunday, June 24

Hello Connecticut.

Something wonderful has happened. My dream of living back East has come true….. well, at least for six weeks. Kevin’s new job requires a month and a half of training in their corporate office which resides in the city of ……. Stamford, Connecticut! When I found out I would be able to go with him I jumped up and down like a complete fool. I am beyond excited for the adventures that await us in our temporary home. With just a 40 minute train ride into Manhattan I plan on spending every weekend in the big city with my love. Right now I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything I need to accomplish before we set sail in three weeks. The list: last minute signups for online classes, finding a reasonable flight, finishing up my CNA tests, finding a substitute for our brand new church calling (you’re looking at the new Sunday school teachers for 14-15 year olds by the way), and sorting out my schooling for this Fall. Loads and loads to do, but there is so much anticipation in the air I couldn’t care less about my extensive list. Just when we thought we’d settle into our new little life, the Lord has opened up a window of opportunity for us and I am grateful.

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  1. Make sure you hop on the ferry and spend at least a day on Block Island!