Tuesday, May 22

My Favorite Days

I am a strong believer in capturing moments through photography and writing. I have always kept a journal which consists mainly of my thoughts and feelings,but I haven't necessarily recorded my day-to-day activities. This book is something I like to call "My Favorite Days." I created this cheesy little number so I can remember moments shared with Kevin that could be so easily forgotten. Since starting this project I have been jotting down funny, ordinary, and tender experiences we have enjoyed together. I can just imagine us with wrinkly skin and brittle bones reading out of "My favorite Days," and I can hardly wait. Hope your weekend was swell! 

1 comment:

  1. Good idea! Zane and I kept a journal together of day-to-day things when we lived in Jackson Hole, but only for a couple of months. I am so sad that we didn't do it longer because our life now is so much different already.