Thursday, May 31

a fish-less weekend.

Kevin and I were asked to speak in church over memorial weekend, so planning a quick trip wasn’t an option for us. We decided to make the best of it by inviting some cousins up for a slumber party on Friday. I felt like a kid again playing endless rounds of the matching game, building massive forts, and making homemade ice cream. I remember sleeping over at my cousin’s apartment when I was young and thinking she was so old. Apparently we’re the oldies now? Sunday was our one month anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been a month since I married my handsome man. Saturday we went to a reception (the beginning of many this season) and danced the night away. Monday we attempted a fishing trip, come to find out you need a fishing license… rookie mistake. That afternoon we wrapped up the weekend up with a family BBQ and some games. I hope your weekend was swell!

The kiddos.

My anniversary gift....

from this handsome devil.

Genuine laughter.

The cutest little chucks.

Brotherly love.

and more kiddos.. 


  1. i loveeeeeeeee all these pictures and i loveeeeeeeee you! jake looks like he has one arm in that picture. and he's mid-chew. surprise there. nope. haha

  2. Aweee. Thanks precious.. ty-pi-cal Jake action.