Wednesday, April 18

April showers.

I have been utterly and completely spoiled. Over the past month I was given three bridal showers and all of them were fabulous. There was so much time and effort put into each one... I can't even begin to express the love and appreciation I have for these ladies, so this little synopsis is my thank you. My first shower was planned by my cousins (who are pretty much my second mothers.) I loved being able to see family members who I haven't seen in months and some even made the trip from Idaho.. now that is what I call family. Let's just say it started the April showers off right.

Heather & Laurie

My little audience.
I'm excited to be in touch with my housewife side jusssst so I can wear this apron Heather made for me.

My mom has two sidekicks. Lisa and Brooke have my mom's back 100% of the time and planned a successful ward shower for me. As I sat there stuffing my face with a slider I remembered that we have been in the same neighborhood since I was just a little tyke and seeing everyone there made me realize how much I'm going to miss this place

Mustache mania.

My beautiful mother and sister.

The finale, as I like to call it... was planned by my beautiful friends. These girls just have a creative touch that I can't imagine obtaining one day. I walked into the room and fell in love with the place.. detailed decorations, my friends standing there after all of their hard work, and my favorite treat (powdered doughnuts and chocolate milk) brought a giant smile to my face. They have always been there for me, and always will be. I can proudly say that I really do have the best best friends in the world.

The adorable sign was made by my girl Kylie. 

Meet Natalie..(this is the creative princess I was referring to.)

Love these ladies

The dreaded question game... I have to admit, I did pretty well this time around!
Creative princess number two.

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  1. I love how litte Elle thinks she's one of the big girls! You are truly loved Katie.