Tuesday, November 3


This past week has been a huge wake up call for me in terms of gratitude. I have witnessed loved ones face unexpected trials. I have met with patients at work who were admitted due to devastating circumstances. I have been reading a book (although it may be partially fictional) that portrays the life of a poor Cambodian family so beautifully. The compilation of these instances have  made me realize how. Blessed. I. Am. 

Pessimism is a weakness of mine and I'm trying my hardest to change that. This topic has been weighing on my mind so heavily, and I'm reminded of a talk given by Elder Uchtdorf last General Women's conference about keeping a positive attitude when things don't necessarily turn out as expected. These words have changed my entire perspective and have mended my ungrateful heart. I'm slowly but surely realizing what this life is about. Though I may get sucked into the comparison game on social media, I'm trying my hardest to look at what I've been given and just be grateful. I'm trying to actually live my life and enjoy the things that make me a better person. I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted, being ungrateful or dwelling on a glass half empty. So here's to showing gratitude and doing more of what truly makes us happy! 

If you're interested in listening to the talk, you can find it: HERE


  1. I actually just read this talk last night. I accidentally fell asleep when watching the conference and missed the whole message about the picture. Seriously is such an amazing talk and really opens up your eyes about seeing the positive no matter what. Great post :)