Sunday, July 12


Yesterday I was feeling pretty crappy. Fever, chills, body aches, the whole deal. Come to find out I have mastitis. Luckily I caught it early and hope it clears up soon! After waiting for an hour to see the doctor, I left my appointment in a semi-bad mood. I decided to swing by Arby's on the way home. As I attempted to order while asking a few questions about the menu, I was baffled by how rude the worker was being! His responses were short and he seemed extremely annoyed. When I pulled up to the window, he basically threw the food and said I could go. He literally said, "you can go." When I got home I immediately started grumbling about the Arby's brat to Kevin as I angrily shoved curly fries in my mouth. My mood had gone downhill even more.

Later on after I had a nap and cooled down, I realized two things. One, you never know how much your mood can affect another person. Even just smiling can change someone's entire day! And two, attitude is everything. Although my day didn't go as planned, I could have been happier. I could have given that kid the benefit of the doubt and smiled as I grabbed my medium roast beef. Who knows? Maybe his dog just died or something. My angel of a sister is currently serving a mission. In her latest email she was talking about how difficult it can be, but that she can't control anything.. except for her attitude. I needed that this week. So the next time you're grabbing some fast food and run into a grumpy pants, just smile and eat those fries like it's the best day of your life, because I mean... french fries are what bring true joy anyway, right? 


  1. Love this!! Couldn't agree more with you! People's moods always have an affect on mine! Hope you have a better day today!!