Wednesday, August 13

James family reunion

Kevin and I have attended three family reunions this summer! I've loved being able to get to know new relatives and catch up with the old ones. It's just the best. My dad's family reunion was last weekend and to say it was a riot would be an understatement. Saturday night we played a game called ipod idol.. which was introduced to me by the Cheesman gang. It is now one of our favorite games to play! Disclaimer: you will look like an idiot, BUT I promise that if you disregard any inhibitions.. it'll be the greatest night of your life. 

ipod idol
1) grab some headphones (sound proof work best) and a blindfold.. also, if you throw an ugly wig into the mix it makes it ten times better.
2) Choose a song that you know most of the words to.. you can look it up on youtube or use an ipod. 
3) Earphones in, blind fold on, and a full audience ready for your performance. Have someone press play and SING IT. Make sure you have the volume all the way up! 

We've played this game on multiple occasions and everyone has been hesitant at first, but after a few rounds they get into it and we laugh for 3 straight hours. There's nothing better than seeing your old man up there dancing and singing to "Twist and Shout." 

Here are a few photos from our weekend! 

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