Monday, March 17


My grandpa with his father

I'm sorry I've neglected this little blog for the past couple of months, let's just say it's taken a hit on the priority list! Not to mention that our life is pretty monotonous right now.. school, work, sleep, and repeat. My grandpa passed away last week and it was definitely a bittersweet experience. Three years ago, I was with my grandma hours before she passed as well.. and man, when you experience something like that.. you just get slapped in the face by what this life is really about. I'm grateful for my grandparent's example.. they raised eleven children, ELEVEN children.. and did it wonderfully. I hope to attain a marriage like theirs someday.. they were the definition of true love. When we were living with my grandpa last summer, he was always talking about my grandma.. and there were even times when I caught him staring at a picture of them together... just sobbing. When I think about their love, I'm not weighed down by the sorrow from losing one of my best friends. I'm filled with excitement, that they're reunited once again. I could go on and on about how my grandpa was a brilliant scientist, BYU dean, and great father.. but the one thing I've held onto most tightly, is the love he had for her. I'm thankful for the time I was able to spend living with him and learning from his example. As I watched him during his last few hours on earth... when his old crippled body was fighting for breath... I knew he was ready to go, ready to see his sweetheart again.


  1. Despite not posting for awhile, you didn't loose me as a reader! I am so sorry for your recent loss. Your grandparents seemed like the most beautiful people. Marriages and parents like that are so rare now a days, you can absolutely carry out their legacy. This post made me tears eyed!

    1. Thanks Danica! that means so much to me :) you're the sweetest.

  2. seriously that second to last picture is the most amazing photo i've ever seen, i'm absolutely obsessed. i love your optimistic perspective about losing him, knowing that he's where he wants to be.

  3. make me cry at work why don't you. he's the sweetest man. lucky to have been in his presence those few short times. love you so much sissy. <3

  4. This made me cry Kates! I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved your cute Grandpa. Love you.