Monday, July 29

all for an IKEA desk.

Disclaimer: I'm aware that our activities below were most likely illegal.

Since living with grandpa, Kevin and I haven't been on many dates because we usually spend our free nights with friends or family. Last Saturday, my cute mom came to grandpa-sit so we could have a night all to ourselves. We were in need of a desk, so we ventured to one of my happy places.... IKEA. As we roamed around the store "500 Days of Summer" style, we found our gem of a desk. Kevin repeatedly said it wouldn't fit in our car, but naturally I brushed it off thinking if we put the seats down we could squeeze it in. Boyyyy was I wrong. As kevin ran into the store in hopes to find a security strap he turned around laughing and said "I told you!" To our dismay, all they had was some free twine... but we were determined, so we spent a good 20 minutes strapping that sucker down with some string. Multiple people walked by laughing at us and we just laughed along with them, because let's be honest... it was a joke.

Finally, we felt semi-confident in our job and made our way home. So there we were, cruising along at 40 miles an hour and things were going great... until the wind picked up. I panicked, and then came up with a brilliant idea... "Maybe" I said, "we could roll down the windows and each hold onto the desk." This only resulted into more people laughing at us, arm cramps, and glances at each other that screamed "What were we thinking?!" It may not have been the most ideal date, but I wouldn't have changed it for anything. These are the moments I live for people. Laughing with my boy... doing absolutely ridiculous things... and coming home to find out we forgot the part that attaches the desk to the legs..... I guess we'll just have to make another trip?

Seeya soon IKEA.


  1. teeheehee. you guys are such silly salamanders. i want to see the desk!! show mehhh <3

  2. Hilarious!! I always love ikea dates. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. goodness, i love ikea. it really does make for fun times.