Wednesday, April 24

today was a really really good day.

  Finals. are. officially. over. This called for a celebration.. so Kev took the day off and we spent some stress-free time together. We kicked off our morning by driving to Salt Lake hand in hand with some Ray Lamontagne playing. We then skipped around City Creek, ate lunch at the Blue Lemon (my fav), and soaked up all of the sun we could. On our way home we decided to make a pit stop at Thanksgiving Point and frolicked through the flower fields. If you have time this week, you should definitely check out the tulip festival because it was pretty magnificent. We topped off the afternoon with some mini doughnuts and called it quits, but all in all it was kinnnnd of a perfect day.  


  1. um ok i want your life.
    and your face and bod. so hot.
    how does keverz get time off so easily?? luckyducky!

  2. Katie. You are my favorite blogger of all time... for real. Perhaps because this would totally be my perfect day too?! Have you tried the mango mint salad at Blue Lemon? Delish :). Congrats on being done with finals!!!

  3. Yay! you got a beautiful warm day for your outing. I love everything about these photos! Are those mini donuts as good as the ones at the Boise street market?