Sunday, October 21

out with the old, in with the new.

Thanks to the design connoisseur Mrs. Rylee Greening, our Silver Lining has found a new home. (and I think we're here to stay this time.) Seriously, if you ever need help with page design or updates to spice things up.. she's your girl. I know you're all dying to know the reasoning behind the title of this blog, so today I'm going to give you some background. I'm only kidding, but if curiosity has ever lead you to wonder... you're in luck. It may have already been assumed that I snagged this title from Rilo Kiley, and although I do love that song... the meaning is far deeper than a fun jam. It all started with my cloud obsession. Most of my close friends and family would tell you that I could spot a Lenticular cloud from a mile away. I spent my summer nights memorizing names, I read books, and I even joined the Cloud Appreciation Society. You could say I'm a passionate person. During the time of this cloud craze, Kevin and I (friends at this point) began seeing a little more of each other. One night he surprised me with an informational book on clouds, and that's when my roommates said it.. "Game over. He's knows the way to your heart." I may have been in denial at the time (along with the next few months,) but they were right. It was game over... I was falling in love. Now fast forward six months... we were on a break, trying to figure out the whole "are we supposed to marry each other?" thing. We hadn't spoken to each other in a month, and it was the most miserable month of my life. One evening, as I sat in my room sulking like a pms-ing teenager, he called. Thirty minutes later he showed up with a birthday present, which now hangs in our living room.

I often think back to that miserable month, and realize in hindsight, my silver lining was there. It was the answer to my prayer.. that led me to marry the most genuine person I've ever met. Inevitably, our future will be scattered with trials, difficult decisions, and arguments here and there... but at least I know to look for the silver lining. So there you have it.. my once blank canvas is now being splattered with thoughts and mushy love stories. Some may mock, others may follow along, but I created it for my love and I.. To look back in fifty years and see the silver lining. 


  1. k hi. im on my period and this made me cry like never before. i have issues. also, i love you and love the new blog design and love love love you and keverz. so happy to get to call you guys family <3

  2. Katie, that's really beautiful. I love clouds too. I never knew there was a cloud appreciation society?! I thought for a long time about majoring in meteorology just so I could study clouds.

  3. I love this Katie! You two are adorable. Can you message me your email address so I can add you to our blog?

    1. Thanks Mel!! It's

  4. YES. I love this so much. so so much.