Tuesday, October 9

I need a favor.

Will someone please put me out of my misery and buy this out-of-a-movie-perfect cottage? 
I am obsessed.. obsessed meaning I've looked through these pictures at least a dozen times. 
Kevin and I recently decided it was time to start looking for a home. 
key word: looking. 
Upon the search for our next humble abode, this cozy little cottage caught my eye and won my heart. 
Honestly. What could be better than mint walls, hardwood floors, and a secret garden 
just beyond the back door? 
Unfortunately 430 square feet (which makes it even more adorable) doesn't quite cut it for us, 
nor our bed frame for that matter. 
So if you would kindly escort this dream home out of my life, it would be greatly appreciated.
Otherwise, I might end up purchasing it behind the Mr.'s back.. which probably wouldn't end well.

ps. Happy Tuesday!
Our weekend was spent mostly with family, crepes, and this lovely program
Hope you had a good one.  
pss. click here for more pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness. That is the most gorgeous perfect cottage ever. I'm of no help to talk you out of it because I love it too!

  2. I've never been more upset. All I want to do is live there.... and triple the size

  3. Katie, this is so crazy, I think that's the house my brother-in-law rented when he was a newly wed. It's on a street with a whole bunch of GIANT (and very cool themselves) craftsman homes. Tucked in between two houses, and it has a picket fence? Or have you seen it in person?

    1. Small world Michelle! Unfortunately I haven't seen it in person, but that is so ironic.

  4. Jason just told me it's a different house. Theirs was on Jefferson. Same area though, and same layout-right down to the secret garden.