Tuesday, September 11

him & her

You know how they say that the more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to end up like that person? Now that I'm a seasoned wife, (kidding) I have found in my experience this statement to be somewhat true. No, but for real.. within four months of living under the same roof, Kev and I have practically morphed into one. Hey, I don't mind being a little more like him... I kinda like the guy.

             He has converted her to:            
Using less toilet paper
An interest in politics
Running (still in progress)
Turning on the shower before I hop in
Eating man food- sausage, steak, etc.
Golfing (also in progress)
Getting hooked on various T.V. series
Learning how to relaxxxx 

She has converted him to:
Pistachio ice cream
Chick flicks
An appreciation for the arts
Reading together
Scrubbing the counters in an O.C.D. manner like myself
Monthly trips to the farmers market
Allowing me to snap pictures of him on a daily basis (this one might take years)


  1. I'm so happy that you love to clean your kitchen! Who knew! Just kidding, I love this and love how cute you two are together.

  2. My husband HATES pictures.. Haha you're lucky he is becoming okay with it so quickly :)