Tuesday, August 14

The Wicked.

  Our final weekend in the city was a splendid one. In fact I was anticipating it for one reason only...
I'm an absolute sucker for musicals, plays, ballets, etc... When we initially talked about seeing it Kev called it "The Wicked," and I laughed.. so that's how we refer to it now. Just before the show we met up with our friends for dinner at Carmines because we just can't get enough of the place. (If you're ever in NYC make a pit stop, seriously.) I must report, the Gershwin Theater put on quite the production.. I was in awe. Kevin was equally in awe and I caught him singing "Popular" the following day (which is saying something.) Friday we visited the Manhattan temple, it was a peculiar experience being in a peaceful place while surrounded by the most chaotic city in the country.. but it felt like home. Oh yeah, we also had lots of ice cream to cap it off. Hope your weekend was pleasant friends.


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